Optics design with Zemax Optic Studio

Zemax is a software for the calculation and simulation of optical beam paths. We use Zemax for the planning and characterization of optics. When constructing prototypes and lab setups, Zemax helps to estimate aberrations and tolerances.

Simulated scanner beam path

Calculation of temperature diffusions with COMSOL

COMSOL Multiphysics® is a simulation platform based on the finite element method. The program covers the entire modeling workflow from the definition of geometries to the simulation of complex physical processes.

In various laser treatments, laser light is absorbed by tissue, causing it to heat up. Temperature diffusion distributes this heat into surrounding tissue. This results in temperature profiles that vary spatially and temporally in a laser-induced manner. To understand the effect of laser treatments on tissue, laser radiation, subsequent tissue absorption and resulting temperature diffusion can be simulated. This allows statements to be made about clinically relevant laser parameters. Furthermore, laser-induced pressure propagation can be simulated.

Micro-optical design

The classical simulation of optical beam paths reaches its limits in the design of micro-optical systems. By in-house software developments, based on the light propagation in the angular spectrum, we are able to simulate complex micro-optical systems such as fiber probes for OCT imaging.

simulated micro optic
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