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Laser Safety Courses on 18.November 2023

The Institute for Biomedical Optics of the University of Lübeck and the Medical Laser Center Lübeck GmbH (MLL) have been organizing laser protection courses for the medical sector since 1997 in cooperation with various clinics of the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein. In addition to assessing hazards from laser light sources, employers will also need to have evaluations for other potentially dangerous light sources made following a recently enacted Optical Radiation Protection Order (OSTRV). E.g. UV lamps, the ever-increasing LED light sources, infrared radiators or strong flashlamps. For the medical part, doctors from the clinics of UK-SH talk about their practical experience in laser applications.


Mrs. Pohlmann:

Tel:   0451 3101-3201

Fax:  0451-3101-3204


Mr Koop:

Tel: 0451 3101-3208

Overview of the program content

  • Laser physics – laser technology
  • Effect of laser radiation on tissue
  • Danger due to laser beams: damage thresholds
  • Endangerment by ablation products
  • Legal foundations (BGV B2)
  • Measures in the laser sector
  • Tasks of the laser safety officer
  • Medical Devices Act
  • Personal protective equipment – laser goggles
  • Maximum permissible irradiation values (MZB)
  • Laser classes I-IV
  • Laser applications in ophthalmology
  • Dermatology
  • Urology

Program of the laser safety course (in german)

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