Lasertherapien und

Selective retina ­therapy

SRT is a new and gentle laser treatment for various diseases of the ocular fundus, i.a. Retinopathy Centralis serosa (RCS) and diabetic macular edema.

Using SRT, the RPE in the irradiated area is selectively treated by microsecond laser pulses, whereby the adjacent neurosensory retina with the photoreceptors and the choroid underlying the RPE are not damaged.

Histologisches Bild der Retina mit Veranschaulichung des Wirkungsmechanismus der SRT
Beispiel-Fundus Photo nach der SRT mit markierten Spots
temperaturgeregelte Photokoagulation

Temperature-controlled laser therapies of the retina

At MLL an optoacoustic method was developed to measure and automatically control the temperature increase during retinal laser therapies. With photocoagulation established since the early 1970s, uniform effects can be achieved and extensive, painful effects can be avoided using this method. There is also great potential for sublethal radiation to stimulate the retina.


Laser irradiation can increase the temperature of cells and tissues. With a slight increase in temperature without thermal damage, the principle of hyperthermia can be used as a metabolism-stimulating effect. This can be detected for example by the heat shock protein HSP70. Work on hyperthermia under precise temperature control is carried out at MLL.

Fluoreszenzaufnahme von angefärbten Zellen
LASIK Flap und Lasersystem

Ultra short pulse surgery

Ultra-short femtosecond laser pulses allow the cornea of the eye to be processed in an ultra-fine manner, thus achieving an accurate refraction correction.

We have developed a method that uses very small Q-switched lasers instead of large, complex femtosecond lasers and, with a modified “vortex beam profile”, enables even more precise laser cuts.

Fluorescence-controlled therapies

Methods such as fluorescence or white light reflection spectroscopy are used in various medical applications, e.g. in the differentiation of tumor and healthy tissue. Fiber-based, they are also used in minimally invasive endoscopic procedures and can provide feedback on treatment control.

Instrumente für die minimal invasive Laserchirurgie

Minimally invasive IR laser surgery

with laser radiation in the µm spectral range

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